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Vee Technologies uses state-of-the art technologies, infrastructure, and facilities that sets us apart from our competition.

InfrastructureOur corporate headquarters located in Bangalore, India and we have maintained presence there for many decades. All facilities are owned and maintained by Vee Technologies and we continue to invest in expansion and new facilities to meet our customer demands. Engineering infrastructure consists of two strategically located delivery facilities in India. The main engineering facility is located in Bangalore and a secondary facility in Salem, India which is closely located near Sona College. These are modern facilities with security, segregated work areas, office furniture, employee locker rooms, badged access control, backup generators and other furnishings that support our customers.

As part of commitment to social responsibility Vee monitors energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, wastewater, and waste material at each of these facilities.

Below is a sample of a new area being implemented at our Salem India location.

Software and Technologies

Being a technology company, Vee Technologies uses the latest equipment, software, and technologies to perform tasks for our customers. Vee Engineering maintains the latest desktop and laptop computer systems in which our engineers use to develop and conduct work from. Our software is primarily Commercial Off the Shelf in which our customers would commonly use to develop engineering designs, analysis and publications from.

Connectivity Capabilities

It is important that we stay connected with our customers at all times. Therefore, we have put in place the most advanced systems and backup systems that enable us to stay connected. We have 4 T1 Lines (2 E1 Lines) around the globe. One T1 line is taken through the Pacific route and the other through the Atlantic route. One T1 line connects both the delivery centers. Vee has multiple T1 internet lines - Premium Internet Leased Circuit - in each of the centers. In addition to this, we have VPN trunks from point to point.

We are aware that security is of prime concern of our clients, therefore Vee Technologies is certified to ISO 27001 which validates our IT security procedures and practices. Vee also has the ability to connect with remote desktop working environments like CITRIX and others.


Vee also provides E-learning services that has enabled our customer to valuable product knowledge and training to their employees, customers, distribution, and sales channels. This offering enables the trainee to be located anywhere, train at their own pace, and review material as needed. This service eliminates the need for travel, travel costs, and more importantly, is available 24/7. We see this training approach as a way to enhance, optimize and bring the latest technologies to our customers.

Trained Manpower

Vee Technologies, one of Top Global Services providers, is a part of the Sona Valliappa Group, which owns and governs Sona College of Technology (, with a strength of 10,000 students. The top talent from this educational institution is readily available for absorption into our training and recruitment processes. This key advantage provides Vee with a rich resource pool of highly educated resources in which our customers benefit from.

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