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Vee Create's experience in Engineering Analysis is further demonstrated through our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) service that we provide. Being a crucial part of any product design phase or product examination, our Finite Element Analysis validates the design approach, materials being used and ultimately simulates the product in use.

We make use 3D models, analysis software, and theoretical deductions to conduct Finite Element Analysis on your designs or products. Due to the high technical competence we have, we expose your product to various virtual operating conditions to observe how it behaves in both normal, stressed and regression scenarios. This provides you with robust designs and potential failure modes within your product.

Our Finite Element Analysis services examine the following:

  • Structural Fatigue Analysis
  • Stress, Strain & Deformations
  • Thermal Stresses
  • Fluid flow & pressure test
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Shock and Drop Testing
  • Automotive Crash analysis
  • Motion Studies

Our FEA Services strengths

Our company is anchored firmly in the belief that we must satisfy our clients and be their engineering analysis partner for the long term. Our Finite Element Analysis service is charged with accurate models, precise calculations and resourceful evaluation modes. Unlike many companies in the market, we not only provide the analysis, but provide you reliable and robust solutions based on the analysis that lasts over the lifecycle of your product.

We are the best Finite Element Analysis service providers in the global market due to these factors,

  • We are client-oriented at all levels. You will find our FEA engineering team, processes and customer involvement exceeds your expectations.
  • We deliver only the highest quality Finite Element Analysis. By using the latest technologies in modeling and analysis software along with experienced engineering resources we deliver the highest quality to our customers.
  • We are the experts in the industry. Based on our engineering experience and vast industry knowledge our team can support any type of analysis you might require.
  • We have colossal experience. Our company's history and the massive experience our teams have had in handling projects across the globe include regions like the USA, Europe, India and the Middle East.
  • Beyond Analysis. Our analysis engineering team will not only perform the analysis, but make recommendations for changes in designs, material and implementation.

With our unmatched capabilities and our organizational culture, we provide our customers with thoroughly analyzed designs or products along with solid recommendations for improvements.

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