Vee Technologies offers Engineering Services in the Aerospace and Defense market segment. The growing demands of the market, and the need to have cost effective solutions that are technically advanced, make our company's aerospace and defense engineering services beneficial to our customers. Our team of experienced professionals have the right industry knowledge, and highly evolved expertise to create superior solutions. We are known in India for our end-to-end services in this area. Additionally, we have been able to provide these services in the USA by leveraging our many years of experience with international customers.

Here is a look at what we offer,

Fuselage designing - our competent aerospace and defense engineers come up with fuselage designs that are load resistant and with accurate assembly details.

Empennage & Wing designing - wing and empennage or tail designing is a vital part of aerospace engineering. We analyse, and design aircraft wings and empennage using the latest materials that create new designs with low cost and ease of manufacturing.

Aircraft interiors - Designing aircraft interiors is as crucial as designing the aircraft's body. Our Aerospace design services render designs that leverage many years of experience in seating, galley entertainment, and communication systems for the defense and commercial aircraft.

Ground handling systems - Ground handling systems play a major role in the transportation, maintenance, and overall movement of the aircraft while on the ground. Our engineering teams design handling systems that promote the latest technologies, reduce weight, optimize cost, and ensure proper servicing of the aircraft.

Control surfaces designing - Our team has many years in designing the controls systems that are vital to the in air operation of the aircraft. Our teams have designed all major components of the control systems including alternate and secondary systems used on aircraft.

Manufacturing Engineering - Not only is important that we design for Aerospace and Defense industry, but our team understands how to translate the designs into products that can be manufactured. Our design and manufacturing engineering teams work seamlessly to ensure that all requirements and factors are considered from design through manufacturability.

Technical Publications - We offer Aerospace and Defense technical publication solutions, that include authoring, development of drawings, exploded views, and pictures. Our technical publications customer requirements are from the creation of basic manuals, to development of complex interactive electronic technical manuals and publications. Our team uses the latest publishing software and tools to develop and create world class publications. Being a provider that supports many countries our team also provides translation of current or new publications for our customers. With experts in technical publications and various technologies, our customers realize the business value in working with Vee Create.

The service options we offer

Our experienced team of engineers, processes and compliance to standards provides our customers with technological solutions for their aircraft design needs.

Below is a summary of the key services we offer in this area.

  • Development of aircraft and ground support system
  • Designing parts of airplanes, helicopters and aircrafts
  • Assembly designs of various aerospace and defense components
  • Designing aircraft interiors
  • Aircraft repair and modification
  • Optimization of ground handling systems