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When you hear or see the word animation, what comes to mind? For the vast majority of people, the word animation conjures up images of djinns, mermaids, fairies, talking fish, fighting pandas, and other fantastical creatures! But did you know that animation can be used for much more than just entertainment? In fact, in today's highly competitive business environment, business leaders are using animation in creative ways to drive business growth for their companies!

What are the different ways animation services can be used by a business?

There are many different ways animation can be used to promote your business, especially when marketing now extends to the internet and is not limited to just print and television. Where content is king, why limit your content to just text and graphics when you can impress your audience with thrilling 2D or even 3D animations? Whether it is external promotional activities or internal company communications, you can use illustrations to drive home your message more memorably using illustrations, infographics, interactive virtual reality (IVR), and animations.

Does animation really drive business growth?

Animated videos that promote a business's services or products have been proven to attract more interest and get more shares across platforms. Whether it is advertising on Facebook or YouTube, animated videos have a higher likelihood of going viral than just text and image-based advertising.

Using-Animation-to-Driv- Business-Growth

It comes as no surprise that a study by the Content Marketing Institute* found that more than 79% of B2C companies and 82% of B2B companies implement animation videos in their marketing strategies.

An example of this is that of Dropbox, which saw an astounding 10 million customers sign up after an explainer video was added to its website, resulting in an increase in revenue of more than $48 million. Is there any business that doesn't want to see numbers like that?

Why is animation so successful in business promotions?

A major reason for this is the fact that attention spans are decreasing by the day with the advent of smart phones and the internet. Combine that with the fast-paced lifestyle with everyone trying to cram in ten times more work in the same 24 hours, and you will see that nobody has even a minute to waste. So if you're promoting a business, which works better-a 30-second video or a text that takes 3 minutes to read?

If you're still not convinced, consider these statistics: More than 60% of viewers who watch a video will end up buying the product. Businesses experience an increase in sales by more than 40% after using animation videos. More than 90% of people who watch a video will share it with their social circle, which will result in greater brand exposure for your product or service.

Here are the different ways you can incorporate animation in your marketing plans:

  • Explainer videos
  • Video infographics
  • Product demo videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Videos on landing pages
  • Videos for internal training and communication
  • Whiteboard animations

If you're now thinking about how to get started on the animation wave to promote your brand, look no further than Vee Create, which has a full spectrum of animation services ranging from 2D to 3D animation, illustrations, digital magazines, and infographics. With state-of-the-art tools and technology that's in the hands of a talented, creative, and experienced team of animators and illustrators, your brand will be given a new lease of life with Vee Create's animation services!

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