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Engineering services Outsourcing, also called ESO, has been growing at an exponential rate on a global scale. India is among the top 3 preferred destinations for outsourcing of engineering services. Despite aggressive competition from several emerging markets, India continues to excel as a trusted and reliable outsourcing hub for engineering services.

VeeCreate R & D Team Engineering Services Outsourcing

The reason for this is multifold and unique to India:

  • A highly qualified pool of English-speaking engineers.
  • Advanced Information Technology systems and robust infrastructure protecting clients' intellectual property.
  • Economic policies that are suited to address growth as global demand increases
  • A legal and political system that supports the outsourcing industry
  • Cost advantages
  • Time difference that is a major advantage in meeting project deadlines

Within a dynamic global economy, the types of engineering services that are in demand are constantly evolving. It is important to choose a company that has the expertise and experience to support current services and has the foresight to develop as the technologies evolve.

Vee Create is the engineering services arm of Vee Technologies, which has been featured in the IAOP GO100 list as a rising star. This recognition is based on a review of size, growth, delivery, excellence, industry recognition, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Vee Create is able to access a rich talent pool of resources from the Sona College of Technology, which is one of the top ranked engineering colleges in the country. Vee Create,Vee Technologies, and Sona College of Technology are all part of the Sona Valiappa Group, which has been a trusted brand in India since the 1920s.

Some of the services provided by Vee Create lie in the domains of:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Returnable packaging design
  • Computer-aided design and computer-aided analysis
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Technical publications and IETM
  • Electrical engineering services

Vee Create also provides multi-level engineering solutions across industries as varied as aerospace and defense, automotive, heavy engineering, consumer industry, energy solutions, transportation engineering, and oil and gas engineering.

Benefits Of Increasing R&D In Engineering Services Outsourcing

The advantage that Vee Create has for meeting the requirements of its clients for engineering outsourcing services is that we have many professional engineers with years of experience coupled with the exceptionally talented engineers graduating from Sona College of Technology who also devote their time and talent to research in the latest technologies, ranging from electronics to photonics and nanotechnology to robotics. This ensures an ever-ready staff of qualified engineers who can meet the demands of any outsourcing project, thus meeting and exceeding the requirements of clients on a consistent basis.

The students of the Sona College of Technology were the first in India to develop brushless rocket motors that were incorporated into the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). This was an integral part of the project which had been imported by ISRO until now. This was developed under the R&D division Sona SPEED (Sona Special Power Electronics and Electric Drives). These motors are responsible for controlling the direction of the rocket nozzle and for controlling the rotation of the panels on the satellite.

Nano Special Motors BLDC MIL SonaSpeed

Each of the more than 20 research divisions that are active in Sona College of Technology create breakthroughs in their respective fields and publish research papers that provide insight into the latest technologies. SonaPAN, which is the Center for Photonics and Nanotechnology, for example, has been successful in the synthesis of different nano photonics, such as zinc oxide nanoparticles, nanosilica from agricultural wastes, cuprous oxide nanoparticles through the green synthesis technique, and green synthesized nanoparticles which have improved the efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC).

Vee Technologies has much to offer its outsourcing clients through experienced engineers and Sona College, which can support many engineering disciplines and various industries to meet and exceed the global demand.

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