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How Technical Publications are Beneficial for any Industry

Technical publications store technical work from producers, merchants, administrative offices, and others. Technical publications include a wide variety of material such as analytical reports, user manuals, handbooks, design documents, online help files, technical specification documents, requirement documents, technical reports, white papers, policy manuals, classroom and web-based training material, lab reports, and case studies. Read more

Using Animation to Drive Business Growth

When you hear or see the word animation, what comes to mind? For the vast majority of people, the word animation conjures up images of djinns, mermaids, fairies, talking fish, fighting pandas, and other fantastical creatures! But did you know that animation can be used for much more than just entertainment? Read more

Vee Create Showcases Engineering & Animation Services at DefExpo 2018

The DefExpo 2018 event was an exhibition that showcased India's defense, aerospace, and security capabilities to the world. It was held in Chennai, from the 11th to 14th of April, 2018. This is a biennial event with the 10th edition being conducted this year.
Read more

Changing the Landscape of Architectural and Engineering Design

Through the use of global resources, the landscape of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is changing. The industry is suffering from a lack of young engineers, qualified engineers, and specific engineering skills required to support industry design volume. Read more

The Top 5 Ways Businesses benefit from Vee Create's CAE Analysis

In a world where computers are firmly ruling the roost, it comes as no surprise that savvy businesses worldwide are turning to computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis to ensure that their products are manufactured and launched successfully.
Read more

Why It Makes Sense To Outsource Mechanical Engineering Services

With outsourcing being the buzzword these days, it is time to look beyond the conventional outsourcing of just IT services and look into the outsourcing other services as well, such as mechanical engineering services. How does this make business sense in the long run? Read more

Top 5 Benefits of E-Learning For Businesses

Businesses all over the world are shifting from traditional methods of corporate training to new methods of e-learning. Whether it is for training new employees or continued professional development for senior executives, e-learning has proven to be highly effective in a wide range of industries. Read more

Benefits Of Increasing R&D In Engineering Services Outsourcing

Engineering services Outsourcing, also called ESO, has been growing at an exponential rate on a global scale. India is among the top 3 preferred destinations for outsourcing of engineering services. Despite aggressive competition from several emerging markets, India continues to excel as a trusted and reliable outsourcing hub for engineering services. Read more

Corporate and Govt. Learning Spend to Reach $524bn from $356bn in 5 years

According to a forecast by GSV Advisors, an education and media consulting company, spend on corporate and government learning will grow by 8% CAGR between 2012-17. In its research advisory group report, Elearning! Magazine found all of the respondents reported that they had active enterprise learning initiatives underway. Read more

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