If you are thinking of thriving in the teaching and training industry, you cannot ignore the numerous benefits CBT (Computer Based Training) brings in. In this fast paced era where trainees have lesser attention span and crunched timelines, you can get your training modules designed or converted into a CBT mode. This will enhance the learning experience of your trainees, and will make your teaching more accessible, flexible and effective.

What you get from our CBTs

Being a global pioneer in multiple industries, Vee Create is known to be a company with high standard processes and quality oriented outcomes. This makes us your best CBT creators as we integrate our technical expertise, animation knowledge and sound experience in building impressive training materials.

Our CBT designing services have fetched us clients all over the world including places like India, the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and so on. You can expect the following qualities in our CBT creation services,

  • Complete customization
  • Use of superior animation techniques
  • Interesting presentation
  • Engrossing multimedia inclusions
  • Appealing layouts, colors and narrations
  • Flawless training modules

With our CBT designing services, you can successfully train, teach, inform, and update your employees or students effectively. Whether you are in need of CBTs for training your top layer executives or school students, we have the apt designs for you. The best thing about our service is that the CBTs will be completely based on your requirements, audience and budget. You thus get your very own training module that is flexibly designed and sensibly put across.

Benefits of our CBTs

What sets us apart in the global market today is our unique approach and commitment to deliver extraordinary outcomes. We instill this work spirit into all our services. With our grasp over the animation world intact, we come up with CBTs that give you multiple benefits. Here is a list of a few of them,

  • Cost effective training style - our CBT design services are budget-friendly and return to you all that you have invested. You can also cut down the overheads which you'll otherwise bear on classroom teaching.
  • Flexible learning options - Your trainees have the flexibility to learn when they want and what they want. They get the liberty to cut the monotony and read the modules in an order that suits them the best.
  • Self-study oriented approaches - Our CBTs are designed keeping in mind that your trainees should be able to assimilate the material on their own with the help of the illustrations, descriptions and explanations that we provide through our intelligent animations.
  • Effective teaching mechanisms - With the use of right multimedia and animation techniques, we ensure that the CBTs engross your audience and help them understand even the most complex concepts in an easy manner.
  • More accessibility with lesser efforts - With our CBTs you can reach out to more number of students and impart them knowledge without having to put efforts to repeat the same lessons. All you have to do is hand them over our high quality CBT.

With so many benefits to back you up in your training business, you can opt to get your CBTs done by us from the scratch. We can also help you convert all your existing training material into CBT. This will help you have an edge in your industry and impart knowledge in a way that fits right to the modern day requirements and constraints.