Vee Create has a good reputation across India and USA for its neat animation creations. We specialize in creating characters. To give them a realistic and impactful outlook, we design the right props around them. Our animation experts have a keen eye for detailing and hence ensure that the prop design services include precise representations and advance animation techniques. Our experience in the domain and our expertise in handling global clients make us sensitive to the requirements you place. We therefore analyze, plan and implement to deliver extraordinary prop design services.

We understand the intricacies of prop designing well and accommodate specific elements that make your animation appealing to your audience. Here is what you can expect from our company's prop design services:

  • Accurate drawings - Our prop design experts are great artists. They use accurate strokes, shadings and contouring techniques to give you ideal prop designs that match your characters and the scene that is being created on the whole.

  • Apt usage - When it comes to prop designing, our team possesses acumen that go beyond just the normal description and work through the process according to various other factors. We consider what the prop will signify, what needs to be highlighted, and where it should be placed to make the most impact.

  • Complete picture - Our prop design services are not just about creating individual elements precisely. We take care of making the props suit the complete picture that you intend to have. When you give us your requirements, we go to the most minute details of the props you want and then we ensure that the entire outlook that all of these create match the actual specification. In this way you don't have to tweak other elements of your animation once the prop design is over.

  • Props that are full of life - We have gone global with our prop design services because we are not just good at creating static pictures, but also experts at adding life to them. When we place the props on to a layout, we take care of adding movements, twists or bends to them wherever required. The best thing is that we do so keeping in mind the whole scene, purpose and mindset of the target audience.

  • Detailing - A prop design task is complete only when every minuscule detail is captured well and this is exactly what we do. We use the correct angles, colors, sizes, shapes and texturing to make the props perfect. Blending all of the props together and making them interact with each other as needed is also done by us meticulously.

Vee Create strives to render services that are completely client oriented. The same spirit is imbibed into our company's prop design services. Our animation team works collaboratively with you to get the requirements right and involves you in different stages so as to keep you well informed. This also helps us cater to your spontaneous change requests and eventually gives you prop designs that match your updated requirements.