Vee Technologies brings a unique approach to research and development (R&D) by using a hybrid engineering model. Our approach to research and development service offering uses a team of full time experienced engineers and our accredited Sona College of Technology to execute a wide variety of projects for our customers. Our approach enables you to get research and development projects done and within your budgets.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • Centre for Robotics and Nonlinear Dynamics - CRND
  • Centre for Nano Materials / Micro Machining - CNM/MM
  • Centre for Analysis and Optimization of Metal forming Process - METFORM

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Sona Special Power Electronics & Electric Drives - SonaSPEED
  • Sona Electric Power Engineering Research & Testing Centre - SonaPERT
  • Sona Power Electronics Drives and Controllers - SonaPEDAC

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Sona Network - SonaNET
  • Centre for Data Mining and Database Technology - SonaMINE

Information Technology

  • Centre for Web Services and Development - SonaWEB
  • Center for Research and Development of Free
    Open Source Software - CRDFOSS

Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Sona Signal and Image Processing Research Centre - SonaSIPRO
  • Centre for VLSI Systems and Communication Technology - VLSIComm

Civil Engineering

  • Centre for Concrete Innovation - SonaCOIN
  • Structural Engineering Research Centre - SonaSERC

Advanced Research in Sciences and Humanities & Languages

  • Centre for Photonics and Nanotechnology - SonaPAN
  • Centre for study on Rainfall and Radio wave Propagation - SonaCRRP
  • Sona Science centre for Testing and Applied ResearCH - SonaSTARCH
  • Centre for Renewable Energy Studies
  • Nanoscience Center for Optoelectronics and Energy Devices (Nano-COED)
  • SONA Centre for Advanced Organic Materials - SonaAROMA

Master of Business Administration

  • Centre for Research and Publication in Business Management - SONACRP

Master of Computer Applications

  • Smart Security and Analytics - SONAS2A

Fashion Technology

  • Sona Centre for Research and Extension activities - SonaREACH